My paintings deal with my memories and experiences of dual histories, one of my native country, China, and the other of my subsequent journey in America, where I currently reside. I grew up in Shanghai during the Cultural Revolution, a time of social unrest. There was widespread propaganda, heavy censorship, violence, forced manual labor, and personal expression was discouraged, all which led me to question the place of individual self in relation to its society. In my paintings, I explore memories of that time in relation to how Chinese culture has evolved through encounters with western culture, both in China and in myself. My images revolve around tensions between coexisting and often conflicting elements of modern society; I am interested in dualisms such as industrialization and nature, tradition/history and erasure, political structures and the individual, high and low culture, capitalism and alienation, and material body and soul. I use symbols of construction, detritus, ritual, subtle violence, and ambivalence to reference the emotional effect of being caught in the middle of uncontrollable forces, both in the present time and in my experience of the Cultural Revolution years. I am interested in construction and deconstruction of not only buildings and systems, but also of individual memories, emotions, and scenes. I pull from my past and present photographic archive and combine different spaces and times to create a build up of moments from an individual narrative into a constructed whole. My focal point lies in questioning what Chinese-American identity and culture is, exploring its contradictions in relation to my specific lived history and metaphors of displacement and in-betweenness.



1989 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Maine

1987 MFA, Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China

1982 BFA, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Satellite Art Show, Brooklyn, NY

           Satellite Art Show, Miami

1999 Yale University, CT

1998 Middle Tennessee State University, TN

1990 Z Gallery, New York


Group Exhibitions

2019 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan

           Saatchi Art's The Other Fair, Brooklyn, NY

2018 Miao Art Space, Shanghai, China

2009 Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China

2006 Gallery North, New York

1996 Asian American Arts Center, New York

1994 Gallery at Park West, New York

1993 Sudderth Art International, Florida

1990 Muse Gallery, Massachusetts

1989 "China Avant-Garde Exhibition", National Fine Art Museum, Beijing, China

          Galerie Werner Milletin, Germany

1988 Shanghai Fine Art Museum, Shanghai, China

1987 Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China

1986 National Fine Art Museum, Beijing, China

1985 National Fine Art Museum, Beijing, China

          Shanghai Fine Art Museum, Shanghai, China

1984 Shanghai Fine Art Museum, Shanghai, China

1983 Shanghai Fine Art Museum, Shanghai, China

1982 Shanghai Fine Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Museum Collection

National Treasure Museum, Japan

Publications & Press

2020 SVA Visual Arts Journal, Spring/Summer 2020 Vol.28, Art Space Oddity

2019  New York Magazine, The Cut, Meet 10 Emerging Artists From the Other Art Fair

           Canvas by Saatchi Art, Interview, Brooklyn: Furong Zhang

           HocTok, #What Matters by Furong Zhang

Awards and Honors

1989 Fellowship for Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

1985 Second Place, National Fine Art Exhibition of Youth, Beijing, China

Teaching Experience

1982-1989 Lecturer, Fine Art Department, Shanghai Normal University, China